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Episode 108: From rural Limpopo to building a multi million rand property portfolio

February 1, 2022

In this week’s podcast, we interview Daniel Matsapola, a space scientist who works at the Space Agency. Daniel is originally from Limpopo and is married with 6 children (all girls). 


He started his real estate investing journey after reading “What the rich teach their children that the poor don’t” by Robert Kiyosaki and he went ahead and purchased his first property on the eve of his first trip to Australia.


He got married and divorced in the same year and in the same year he also lost his parents which led to a paradigm shift for him and he realized he didn’t know what he was doing in property. He found a mentor online, Dr Hannes Dreyer, and attended his free seminars, bought his training CDs and the relationship then developed into a mentorship.


In the mentorship he realized that his first property wasn’t profitable, so he sold his property and made R150,000 (US$10,000) in profit. He then used that money to buy another course from his mentor.


By the 5th year of working, he had bought 4 properties in his name. In 2005, he bought a 5 year mentorship and an opportunity to learn how to turn R1,000 into R10 million. His mentor turned his R1,000 into R10 million in 2.5 years.


In 2008, he left Cape Town to live in Pretoria, and lived for free because his tenants were paying his rent.


In this episode Daniel teaches us how to consume in order to produce and how to do estate planning.


We actually cannot explain in depth what this podcast episode is about and how life changing it is, you just have to listen for yourself.


Tune In!

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