Property Magicians Podcast

Episode 115: Unconventional Real Estate

April 19, 2022

In this week's episode of the Property Magicians Podcast, the hosts, Vangile and Dr. Miranda, of the show do a show talking about unconventional ways to make money in real estate. We cover 7 unconventional ways to make money and most of it doesn’t require lots of money:


1. Grazing Land- leased

If you have land, you can lease that land to farmers who need land for livestock. We talk about the model that Livestock Wealth employs in KwaZulu Natal, where they lease land for their farmers.


2. Subletting land for agricultural use 

We talk about a model we saw being utilized in Sri Lanka where farmland was subleased to grow ginger and turmeric for a food brand and how that contract led to a R250,000 (US$17,000) revenue per annum for half an acre of land.

3.  Cemetery

We discussed a Facebook post we saw from a status update from one of our previous podcast guests where he shared about a friend of his who made money by buying land and getting it rezoned to a cemetery. He sold the land to the municipality for 10 times what he’d bought it for and he also makes money from managing the cemetery.

4.  Rental Arbitrage

Renting a place and then subletting it, just Like you do on Airbnb.

5. Self-Storage

Leasing our storage units to people - you spend a small amount of money on electricity, sewerage and water. Your main expense is security.

We talk about how to make money by storing Take A Lot packages in South Africa.

6. Unconventional office space

Office space isn’t just big buildings in cities owned by large corporations. You can also have various types of co-working spaces or turn part of your house into a conference or event space and make an extra stream of income that way. 

We share how to get started with that.

7. Parking

Not all land has to be used for building properties, some land can be used for parking, which can be very lucrative in crowded cities. 


This is another jam-packed episode. 


Tune in!

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