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Episode 120 (repost): From Being a Creative to making R100k (US$6500) in his first real estate deal

June 16, 2022

In this episode, a serial entrepreneur and creative Tsotetsi of the Moleleki-Group shares his journey of being in sales, an account manager, a stylist and a brand manager for various corporations. He loves design from clothes, furniture AND beautiful spaces. This is what landed him with architects and developers of “high-end” properties in the North of Johannesburg.

 He had very little knowledge of real estate when he did his first deal - a “flip” that yielded R100 000 (US$ 6 370). He bought a piece of land in a high-end Estate from a “distressed owner”, the land already had municipal services and was ready to build. He then sold off the land at a profit and never looked back.

Tsotetsi considers himself a differentiated “realtor” in that he does not wait to find one seller at a time. He often finds himself with a stock of newly built high-end properties or stock from the banks and Attorneys that are selling off “distressed properties”. He “solves” the many property problems that both investors, developers and funders find themselves in.

In this podcast, he shares the various ways of “sourcing” properties to sell, or match buyers to sellers! He also shares- his story of almost going bankrupt THREE times in this business and how he was able to change all this.

Here is an inspired story of a self-taught property manager, property investor and realtor.




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