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Episode 123: How to earn passive income with short-term rentals as a full-time employee

July 5, 2022

In this podcast episode, we talk to Lebo Ramafoko who shares with us why it’s important to understand the politics of financial institutions and how even as recently as 1998- black South Africans had not been exposed to financial institutions and had limited options to get mortgages or even negotiate terms on their loans. 


The psychology of the “big house” for a black child. How the big house emanates from lack, from wanting to show up in a particular way, be applauded by our community and friends. We buy big houses for psychological and deep-rooted reasons too - hers were personal reasons after losing both parents within months of each other. 


Becoming a landlord for Lebo was circumstantial, she owned over 8 or 9 houses before she actually viewed her house as an investment and she became an accidental landlord.


She sold her “big house” and a smaller apartment to buy an investment apartment. When COVID hit - she took advantage of the low prices and bought a 1-bed apartment. But the long-term rental strategy showed its shortfalls. Long-term tenants offered low rentals. COVID and rental offers were so disappointingly low. 


She moved to Cape Town for a new job and made use of her time while in Joburg to scout for reasonable hotel-quality accessories and furnishings. It took two weeks to furnish the apartment. She started renting out the apartment in mid-2021 and she’s had 100% occupancy for over 14 months. And finds it highly profitable - it pays for itself, she makes a profit so much that she’s gotten a new apartment in Cape Town!


This now is her investing strategy- at the time of the recording- she was ready to buy a third apartment for short-term renting. 


This is another incredible podcast.

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