Property Magicians Podcast

Episode 29: Tax planning: How to build a property empire that lasts for 400 years

April 7, 2020

Who knew tax could be soo exciting and lead to a complete mindset shift?

Get a pen and paper and prepare to be blown away by today's podcast.

In today's podcast we talk to Obakeng Gaitate, a chartered accountant who focuses on property tax.

Obakeng has written 12 books and as he says: he has paid for his school fees in the property market by making and losing millions in property.

He made his first million in property at the age of 21 and now helps his clients plan their property estate for the next 400 years, so they leave behind a legacy for their children.

In this episode, Obakeng explains generational wealth and how you can start to build it, and why you need an accountant who understands property on your team.

He also answers some key questions like:

- What are some key tax laws and taxes that newbie property investors should know?

- What legal tax hacks that make property a lucrative investment?

- How can we avoid paying tax on rental property?

- What are the tax benefits of home ownership?

- When do you pay capital gains tax, how is it calculated and how can you avoid paying it?

Click play and let us know your thoughts on today's episode in the comments section.

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