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Episode 42: Lessons learned from making R1 Million by 21

July 6, 2020

In this week's episode we brought back , from episode 29, to talk about his real estate journey. 


In episode 29, Obakeng challenged us to think big with our goals and shared his property accounting knowledge  with us. 

In this episode he gets vulnerable and shares how he made his first million at 21 years old (in the 80s in South Africa!) by selling 140 properties in a new development in one year. 

He was an intern at an accounting firm and already a millionaire, but because of the political situation in the country, he had no one to advise him. He went on to invest in other businesses and made even more money and started sabotaging his success. 

This week Obakeng takes us through his money journey and shares some of the mistakes he made with the way he thought about money, felt about money and behaved with money and how he was able to self correct when he realized that money was not the problem and that the problem was him and his subconscious beliefs. 

Obakeng is currently working on a development for 170 units, which is right in line with his belief that success requires one to think big. 

This is truly one of the most inspirational podcasts we've recorded.


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