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Episode 74: How to invest in property in different countries as you travel the world

April 6, 2021

In this week’s podcast episode, we talk to Lerato Bambo, founder of Lerato B Group, a website and marketing boutique, who has lived in the US, Turkey, Ireland and Bali for over a year each.


Lerato’s journey into property started when she moved to New York, for a job and had to deal with the high rental expenses in the Big Apple, and since at the time she believed she was going to stay in the USA long term, she decided to buy an apartment instead.


A few years later, she moved to Ireland and rented out that apartment to a tenant, who still lives there now.

After Ireland, she moved to Bali, Indonesia, fell in love with the country, bought land and started building a resort for tourists in Ubud.


Before the pandemic started, she came back to South Africa to visit and found herself stuck in the country during lockdown, so she decided to buy a property in Pretoria to use as her base, she has since decided to rent out the property when she heads back to Bali.


Lerato shares her journey on buying property in these three countries - the buying process, the legal system and how she funded the purchase of the properties.


If you’re into travel and international property ownership, you’re in for a treat. 


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