Property Magicians Podcast

Episode 87: Identifying real estate investment opportunities in Nigeria

July 27, 2021

In this week's podcast episode, we talk to Olufunke (Funke) Alao, a Realtor in Nigeria who helps clients from all over the world create wealth through real estate.

Funke is originally a trained lawyer based in Lagos Nigeria but found her calling in real estate; having grown up watching both her parents buy land, develop it and sell it.


In this episode Funke answers some of the following questions for us, about real estate investing in Nigeria:

🩸 What are some of the hurdles of real estate in Nigeria? 


🩸 What is the housing market/landscape in Nigeria? 


🩸 Tell us about the pricing of houses generally and the makeup of neighbourhoods? 


🩸 Financing property in Nigeria - how do people get access to money to invest? What financing models are there? 


🩸 Tax in Nigeria: what are the main property taxes that investors need to be aware of? Is there a difference in tax for locals and international investors? 


🩸 What are the land ownership laws in Nigeria? Can foreigners own 100% of the land?


🩸 What unique opportunities do you see in the Nigerian market right now and what return on investment can investors expect?

This is another eye-opening episode.


Click play below to learn more.

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