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Episode 93: How to ensure that the wealth you build through real estate is passed down from generation to generation

September 21, 2021

In this week’s podcast, we talk to Shillyboy Mothiba, a Chartered Accountant by profession, he is co-founder of Intergen Private Wealth, a company that specialises in Trust and Estate planning for property investors.

Shillyboy started off building houses before finding himself in estate planning.

He explains why estate planning is so important and how we speak a lot about economic transformation but very few people understand the principles of economic transformation, which are to preserve and retain wealth. 

The misconception is that estate planning is about death, but it's about wealth transference, wealth is often transferred from generation to generation, not just created. 

In this episode we dig into:

  • The importance of property structuring and how that can help us optimise tax, pay the right tax and protect our wealth
  • How to make your descendants capital beneficiaries and how you can become an income beneficiary
  • What are the tax benefits of being a property investor are and how to tap into that
  • Why you need succession planning and how trusts save you the issue of estate duties

This is a valuable podcast for anyone learning how to build and preserve generational wealth.

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