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Episode 12: From high-school drop out to properties that cashflow at R270, 000/US$18,000 per month by 23

November 18, 2019

In episode 12, we bring you one of most inspiring podcasts.

Our guest in this podcast is Lihle King Nxoyi, who is 23 years old, dropped out of high school in the middle of grade 12 because he wanted to be wealthy and believed school couldn't teach him to be wealthy.

His story began in grade 7, when his parents gifted him with Robert Kiyosaki's book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad."

In that moment he realized that property was his path and he started attending seminars, watching YouTube videos and acquiring knowledge.

He dropped out of school, worked for free in order to acquire knowledge on building a business, got himself a coach and literally hustled his way into his first property deals.

He had no car, no money for transportation (or anything) and somehow through sheer skill, determination and faith, he managed to sign his first 3 property deals in December 2018, all in one month and all for over R2 million (US$136,000).

Those properties are currently under renovation and are predicted to cashflow at R270, 000 (US$18,000) per month.

This is truly one of the most amazing and thrilling stories, guaranteed to inspire you to get started on your property journey.

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