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Bonus Episode: Raising R268,974/US$17,935 in 7 days to invest in property

Bonus Episode: Raising R268,974/US$17,935 in 7 days to invest in property

February 22, 2022

In this week’s on the Property Magicians Podcast, we share a bonus episode where we talk about the Wealthy One's Property Stokvel and how we raised another R268,974/US$17,935 in 7 days so we could invest in our third deal in Secunda, Mpumalanga.


At the beginning of February 2022, we invested R568,150/US$37,882 in a deal in Boksburg, Johannesburg.


This time we are loaning money to a developer who is looking for R3 million/ US$200,000 to build affordable houses to first-time homebuyers in Mpumalanga, South Africa. He has funds from the bank but has to put down a downpayment. 


We have partnered with Sakhisizwe Stokvel and together we have raised R2 million/ US$133,351 for the developer.


In this podcast, we share more about the deal and how you can get involved in the stokvel and grow your investment portfolio with us.


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Episode 110: Buying 3 positive cash flowing multi-lets during a pandemic

Episode 110: Buying 3 positive cash flowing multi-lets during a pandemic

February 15, 2022

In this week’s podcast episode we interview Eddy Mokobodi who is married to Emily Mokobodi. He and his wife are the owners of a solar energy company and they also invest together.


Eddy always thought he’d be a medical doctor, but one day he picked up a pamphlet at the Wits open day and it spoke about construction management so he signed up for construction management and fell in love with the building part of property.


When he started dating Emily, she mentioned that she may end up in property and he realized she may be the woman he would marry. During lockdown 2020, they got a mentor and decided to look for properties that could be converted into multi-lets.


Their coach helped them structure viewings and understand how to read lightstone reports; they viewed 28 places, sent out 12 offers and ended up buying two properties at the same time (these were their first properties) and got 100% finance.


They renovated the property, and because Eddy comes from a construction background, they had access to construction companies so the process wasn’t as difficult. By March 2021, their units were fully occupied.


After that they took a breather and focused on their respective properties. Later in 2021 they purchased another multi-let and they had to get pre-approval for the property.

They got approval from the bank in 3 or 4 days for the next property, which they’ve just taken possession of.


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Episode 109: The magic is in your mess

Episode 109: The magic is in your mess

February 8, 2022

In this week’s podcast episode we interview Gavin Mkhabela who grew up in the North West with his great grandmother. In 1992 he went to live with his mom in Alexandra, Johannesburg. He then studied accounting at Wits Tech but didn’t finish because he went to work.


He worked for the bank in the homeloans department and moved into the property finance department, where he worked as an analyst to the deal maker. In the podcast he shares how his not good enough wound stopped him from taking up a mentoring opportunity to learn more about putting together property deals.


Even though he was working at the bank, he didn’t think of property investing. He was more concerned with a roof over his head and having his own bedroom. 


He got into debt in his first year of working at the bank in 2004 after signing a lease agreement for someone he was dating; the lease agreement was double his mortgage. This debt then snowballed, he got into more debt to keep afloat, and he soon found himself in even more debt.


By 2011 he was so stressed and panicked about debt that he ended up resigning from his job. He started a cleaning business and decided to make cleaning sexy and brought in a business partner. That business eventually fell apart and found himself over indebted and blacklisted.


The only job he could get was to be a financial advisor, which was commission only.  He started advising people on property. He met a client who was struggling financially, and had a house and 2 back rooms and a garage. He then advised this client to rent out the rooms and the garage and he started making R13,000 a month. 


Word then spread and he got more clients and he found himself teaching people about property and soon changed his life and his finances.


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Episode 108: From rural Limpopo to building a multi million rand property portfolio

Episode 108: From rural Limpopo to building a multi million rand property portfolio

February 1, 2022

In this week’s podcast, we interview Daniel Matsapola, a space scientist who works at the Space Agency. Daniel is originally from Limpopo and is married with 6 children (all girls). 


He started his real estate investing journey after reading “What the rich teach their children that the poor don’t” by Robert Kiyosaki and he went ahead and purchased his first property on the eve of his first trip to Australia.


He got married and divorced in the same year and in the same year he also lost his parents which led to a paradigm shift for him and he realized he didn’t know what he was doing in property. He found a mentor online, Dr Hannes Dreyer, and attended his free seminars, bought his training CDs and the relationship then developed into a mentorship.


In the mentorship he realized that his first property wasn’t profitable, so he sold his property and made R150,000 (US$10,000) in profit. He then used that money to buy another course from his mentor.


By the 5th year of working, he had bought 4 properties in his name. In 2005, he bought a 5 year mentorship and an opportunity to learn how to turn R1,000 into R10 million. His mentor turned his R1,000 into R10 million in 2.5 years.


In 2008, he left Cape Town to live in Pretoria, and lived for free because his tenants were paying his rent.


In this episode Daniel teaches us how to consume in order to produce and how to do estate planning.


We actually cannot explain in depth what this podcast episode is about and how life changing it is, you just have to listen for yourself.


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Episode 107: How to build a property portfolio that replaces your income in less than 5 years

Episode 107: How to build a property portfolio that replaces your income in less than 5 years

January 25, 2022

In this week’s Property Magicians Podcast episode, we talk to Hloni Lebelo. Hloni was born in Thembisa as the eldest of 3 kids, and is a father of 4 and a husband. He works as a team leader at one of the major banks and is also an entrepreneur and an investor.


He bought his first house in Pretoria when his mom fell ill and she was given a package;  he convinced her to get into property to create a passive income.


They bought land with the aim of building a bottle store but they couldn’t get a liquor license so they ended up leasing the land to a mechanic to use as his place of work, so his mom still makes money.


In 2015 he was made a permanent employee but he had bad debt - he was driving a nice sports car, was living beyond his means and had more month than money.


He gave himself 2 years to pay off his bad debt, but everything he was getting was going straight into debt and he knew he can’t have money on him that’s not allocated for anything, he came up with a strategy to get out of debt and become financially free. In the podcast he shares his debt repayment strategy.


He sold the car and downgraded to a smaller car and in 2017 he bought his first house in Thembisa from a distressed seller. The house was a 2 bed house with a garage and 4 tenants in the backyard. He converted the house into a 3 bedroom house and rented the house out for R4500 after extending it.


He later learned that the owner had renovated the face of the house but structurally the house had many issues and was a money pit. He credits the loss he made on that house with why he stayed in real estate investing.


He eventually sold the house and got a nice profit from the house because of all the work he’d put into fixing it. He then bought a nice house in Kempton Park which had staff quarters and a double garage, which he partitioned; he fixed up the staff quarters and ended up with 6 tenants.


He then bought another house in Kempton Park and his parents asked to move into the house and they gave him their house in Thembisa. 


He decided to try investing in Thembisa again - he decided to give people in Thembisa a lifestyle they could get in Midrand and converted the house into 7 units so every unit has its own kitchen and bathroom.


And because of his employee benefits at the bank, his mortgage was affordable and he was able to rent out the property at a lower price than usual, which has helped him keep his tenants longer.


In this podcast Hloni shares how his property income is now more than his salary and how he’s changed the area he invests in but kept the strategy - he focused on buying properties that have more space and now has 4 properties and is working on his 5th property.


This is another incredible podcast.


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Episode 106: How to make 2 to 3 times your rental income as an AirBnB Hostpreneur

Episode 106: How to make 2 to 3 times your rental income as an AirBnB Hostpreneur

January 18, 2022

Our guest for today is Nkateko Mlambo, an AirBnB Hostpreneur. She is originally from Mamelodi, a marketing graduate and in her final year of BCom Law Degree.

She is also a property investor. She started her property investment journey in 2008 when she was in the mall with her mom and they saw a real estate agent in the mall. She bought a property for less than R500k and a real estate agent told her she doesn’t have to live in the property, she could get a tenant to pay the rent.

She went to CNA and bought a lease agreement. After the first month she received rental income from her tenant and decided she wants to get own property.

Bought the second property (3 bed, 2 bath) in the township in Mamelodi in 2016. It’s close to shopping centers and transport. The appreciation and the rental income of the second property were so much better than in town or suburbs.

When she was purchasing her second property she had issues with the bank, which questioned her affordability. So she had to do her own arbitration.

She realized that using her payslip to invest in property was going to be a problem for her. So she booked a property seminar to learn more about growing her property investing portfolio. She learned about property in a company name and in a trust. It became clear to her that if she was growing to grow in this space she needed a mentor and coach.

She learned about the rent to rent strategy; she rented a property and then rented it out on AirBnB.  Started to search for properties in Pretoria East and looked for properties listed by the owners, sent an enquiry to the Landlord and spoke to him about subletting the property.

She made money within the first week of renting out the first property.

She then repeated the AirBnB strategy in Cape Town and rented out the property on AirBnB before they even concluded the rental agreement.

In this episode Nkateko explains how to make 2 to 3 times more income with AirBnB than with a buy to rent strategy.

This is episode another jam packed episode.


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Episode 105: How to own 6 properties in less than 12 months

Episode 105: How to own 6 properties in less than 12 months

January 11, 2022

In this week’s #PropertyMagicians podcast episode we talk to Precious Dludlu who works as an external auditing. She grew up in Hammanskraal, the last born of 7 siblings, raised by a single mother who worked as a domestic worker.

When her mother retired she moved to Bronkhosrtpruit, in grade 12, she decided she wanted to be an interior designer but her parents said no, so she ended up studying internal auditing.

She noticed that having an education and a career were not the way to financial freedom. When she fell pregnant she started to change her mindset and decided to build wealth.

In April 2020, a coach introduced her to a Bigger Pockets book

She started listening to the Property Magicians Podcast and hired a property coach in October 2020 and put in her first OTP in January 2021, by December 2021 she had 6 new properties.

First property made a profit of R1200 per month in Sunnyside.

Second property she was able to convert a 1.5 bedroom unit to a 4 bedroom unit and was able to make a R4,000 a month, on a property that she bought for R300,000.

The sellers offered her the third property since she had bought the second property.

She got 90% of the money from the bank to finance her properties; her savings were able to cover the down payment for the first 3 properties. For the fourth and fifth properties she worked overtime to make the money and then used that extra money to pay the 10% deposit and lawyer fees.

She also sold her house and moved to a rental place because the expenses of maintaining a house and paying rates was very expensive.

She plans on doing an AirBnB strategy and going commercial and moving into the salon industry.


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Books that have inspired Precious:


“Who moved my cheese” by Spencer Johnson

“The richest man in Babylon” by George Samuel Clason

“Rental Property Investing” by Brandon Turner


Contact Precious



New Year Episode: Setting property investment intentions and understanding your investor archetype

New Year Episode: Setting property investment intentions and understanding your investor archetype

January 4, 2022

In this week's podcast, we are sharing a replay of a live class where we did a property investing intention setting exercise for Property Magicians on our mailing list.

From the minute we launched the Property Magicians Podcast, we focused on aligning and going within vs doing. We have always prioritized ease and listened to what our souls were asking us to do next. We work from a space of alignment vs doing

We have seen the power of being intentional, which is why we decided to host an  intention setting exercise, to help you on your property investing journey.

This class is about the energetics and emotional aspects of investing and money, so bring a pen and paper and let's clear blocks and connect with our deepest desires and listen to what our spirits want in terms of investing and then we will set the actions.


We also do a guided meditation to help you understand your investment archetype.


Here are some of the questions we asking in the meditation:


What are the 3 fears that are holding me back from becoming you?

What is the one belief about investing that they needed to let go of in order to become a successful investor?

What is the 1 belief they had to adopt about themselves in order to become a successful investor?

What 3 money, investing and personal habits did they have to let go of in order to become  a successful investor?

What 3 investing, money and personal habits did they have to adopt in order to become a successful investor?

How did their relationship with themselves change? What did they need to believe about themselves and money in order to become a successful investor?

What did they invest in? Can they share their investment journey?


PS: We launched a Property Stokvel and are currently fundraising for the next Property deal on January 15th, 2022.  The deal is a flip and also has a 15% ROI in 4 months.

If this podcast is resonating with you and you want to be part of the stokvel, then we want to invite you to join the stokvel at this link: wealthy-money,com/stokvel


Episode 104: The Low Money or No Money Down strategy of Property Investing

Episode 104: The Low Money or No Money Down strategy of Property Investing

December 22, 2021

In this week's podcast episode we talk to Obakeng Ben Malapile, a 25-year old a mathematics science graduate, real estate agent, YouTube vlogger and property investor.

Obakeng started Forex trading while he studied, he was then influenced to invest in property  after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki). He started his YouTube vlogging while attending property master classes and working with a property mentor.

He set his mind on finding out how to invest in property with little or no money down. He spent 3-years reading, listening to property podcasts and being mentored. 

His first investment property was bought in 2020 cash, in partnership with an investor that found him via his YouTube channel. They bought an apartment and turned it into a 5-bed multi-let abode and it cash-flowed from day 1.

The investor had been following him for a while on YouTube, and they decided to formalise their partnership- Obakeng had the time and knowledge of property, the investor had cash sitting in the bank.

He went on to an Air BnB masterclass to learn about Short-Term Rentals. He now has an Air BnB mentor because his #2 and #3 properties are short term rentals that he does not even own. He used this investor, his credit card and his salary to furnish his two apartments.

Obakeng also shares about the power of building a powerful credit score as a young person or even as a student. He has even drawn in his two younger siblings into his property business and has set them up with debit cards in order to begin building their credit portfolios.

Obakeng is working on his third short term rental. He spends all his time on YouTube and property/ finacial podcasts. His favourite one being BiggerPockets. He intends extending his learning to the many property strategies and one day soon owning a guest house or Hotel.

This episode is another incredible podcast episode.


Episode 103: How to go from a negative cash flowing property to raising R9 million (US$571,000) for a property development

Episode 103: How to go from a negative cash flowing property to raising R9 million (US$571,000) for a property development

December 14, 2021

In this week’s Property Magicians Podcast, we talk to Thabo Mongoato, a father of 3 boys and a full-time property developer and coach.

Thabo started off as a pharmacist then did his MBA and worked in various fields, until 3 and a half years ago when he moved into property full time.

In this podcast, he shares how property has always been his passion but he invested in property the “wrong way.”

He bought his first property to have a roof over his head – the interest rates were at an all-time low and rent and mortgage were the same, so it made sense for him to buy.

The second property was an investment decision that went wrong, he attended property training courses that taught him that the property he buys doesn’t have to be cashflow positive and that property appreciates over time and he believed them, but then the property started draining his cashflow and he ended up selling it at a loss after 5 years.

When he had to leave his last corporate job, he realized that needed to think about wealth in a different way. He started reading a lot and attending seminars and workshops and learned about property and the right way of doing things and started flipping and moved into development.

After a few months of coaching, he attended an auction in Boksburg, bought a property, flipped it and made a profit of R151,000 in 5 months.

He then bought a development, which was a half structure for 84 units, which looked straightforward on paper but ended up taking 3 years to develop because of Covid and rising prices.

He is currently working on another development in Braamfontein in Johannesburg and has raised R9 million for that development. 

This is another eye-opening podcast.

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